We are committed to raising our sheep in the most ethical and healthy way possible.

  • No corn, no grain, no GMO products, no unhealthy antibiotics or artificial growth hormones in the feed
  • We only feed our sheep what they're designed to eat - grasses, legumes, and browse
  • Sheep aren't adapted to digest grain - they do love it, however, just as mankind loves McDonalds
  • Our lambs are raised on their mother's milk for 3-4 months, then fed and finished exclusively on the farm's lush forage

Our flock consists of Katahdin sheep - a breed specialized for the Northeast.

  • Bred by Ed Peil near Mt. Katahdin in Maine
  • A medium-framed sheep that is not so large that it needs supplementary feed (grain, corn, etc.) to fill the frame but can thrive on natural upland forage
  • The advantage of hair sheep is that they have a thick, wooly coat for winter that sheds to create a mostly sleek coat for the heat and humidity of the summer. Wool sheep are more suited to Britain's cooler summers
  • This breed is a result of sound animal husbandry - when livestock is better suited to an environment, the less stress and the better quality the meat.

To show respect for our sheep, we are trying to find use for as much of the animal as possible.

Tanning sheepskins to be used as rugs, throws, and upholstery is another way for us to improve our sustainable animal husbandry practice (as the sheep have already been slaughtered for meat) and provide our customers with a diversity of products.


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